Canon Printer is Having Print Quality Issue

Posted on: 14 December, 2017

When we buy a printer, the main thing we always look for is rich print quality. Canon printers are popular among printer users just because of this reason. But this doesn’t mean that you will never get any print quality issue with these printers. There are so many factors and technical issues that can definitely hamper the quality of printout. You can take help from our executives to resolve such issues at Canon Printer Help Number USA or try the given troubleshooting method for different issues.

Printed Text is faded or Fuzzy

The main reason of faded and fuzzy text is that one or more of your ink or toner cartridge is empty and you need to replace it. The other reason behind this issue is that you have set the print density low or you might have set the printer into Eco-mode. Change the print setting now.

An Object is printed Several times

When you try printing a page the object prints several times, mostly the ghosted object is printed either dark or light. To fix the issue you can try the following solutions:
• High or low temperature of the room can cause ghosting.
• May be the life any part of your printer such as imaging kit or drum unit has come to an end. You need to change that particular part.
• The toner might have built up around the fuser roller. To fix this problem run the printer cleaning cycle.

Printouts have Horizontal lines and white spots

This problem indicates that the print head nozzle is clogged. This happens when you don’t use your printer for long time. To resolve this error again you need to run the cleaning program of your print head.

Blurry Printouts

This is more of a paper problem than of the cartridge.
• The paper should not be damped.
• Paper should be loaded correctly. Mostly papers are designed to print on one side, so make sure you are printing on the correct side.
• The paper setting should match the type and quality of paper.

Strange Characters or Badly formatted text is being printout

This problem is mostly related to the printer driver. You need to download the correct printer driver for your Canon printer. Printer driver can be downloaded easily from manufacturer’s site.

We have just assembled some of the common print quality issues, apart from these there are so many other problems as well. To troubleshoot them you can dial our printer experts at Canon printer Support Number USA.


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