Fix HP Printer “Ink Cartridges Locked to another Printer” error

07 August, 2018

From the home use to the small and big offices, HP Printer is widely renowned service in the printing world. It is an effective device to complete your daily tasks in the shortest time. But the errors faced by HP Printer users are not less enough. Therefore, it is important to be attentive towards its maintenance. If you ever receive any technical problem, you must connect to the trained team at HP Printer Customer Care Number USA for easy assistance. The technicians are way helpful to handle your every query.

Besides connectivity issue, paper jam and others, you might also see "Ink Cartridges locked to another printer" error. There are mainly two conditions that can cause such error, one is when the ink cartridges are enabled and another is when the chip you are using for your new printer was previously used. You should install 100 percent genuine ink cartridges onto your system and use the ink cartridges specifically for a single printer. There are only two methods to fix the imposed error message.

Method 1: In case, your HP printer does not include any internet feature. You must choose the first method and follow the steps as given below:
• As the first step, you must proceed to the Printer Menu and then click on the Settings Option.
• Now, you need to choose the option to disable the HP cartridges protection.
• And then, click on applies and then save the settings.

Method 2: In case, your HP Printer includes internet features, you should follow the steps as given below:
• As the first step, you need to launch the web browser and then input your HP Printer’s IP address.
• Now, you should have an HP Printer which is associated to the web server and then click on Settings and choose HP cartridges protection.
• Thereafter, choose disable HP cartridges protection and click Apply or Save the settings.

This is actually the most annoying issue you have ever received. But if you get any technical problem related to it, contact the HP Printer Technical Help Number USA for the most recurring issues. The technicians know the exact workaround for every situation.


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