How McAfee Parental Control Works?

Posted on: 08 December, 2017

Present time children are spending most of their time with phone, laptops and tablets instead of playing in the ground. This is increasing the concern of every parent as internet is definitely not a safe place for kids. While browsing internet they can land up to any site or page which is not appropriate for them. Keeping parents concern in mind McAfee Parental Control features provides the reliable protection to children while they spend their time on internet. The control for your kid’s online activities is now in your hand. You can learn more about this feature from experts by dialing them at McAfee Help Number.

Features of McAfee parental Control

• Age Appropriate Content Filter- You kid can only view age appropriate sites and even you can change the type of content that you want them to view.
• Safe Searching- see to it that safety filter of search engines are turn on, so that they automatically exclude inappropriate content for your kid.
• Filter list- You can allow or block certain websites.
• Web browsing schedule- As we all are aware that kids are spending too much time online, so now with this feature you can limit the time they spend online.
• Password protection- Add a password in parental control setting, so that no one else can change the protection settings that you assigned for your child.

Setting Up Parental Control Feature

Before you begin, make sure you must create an administrator. Only as an administrator you can choose protection settings for each kid and for this first you have to login to your Windows as an administrator and then you can create an administrator password. Passwords makes sure that it is only you who can decide what your child can see and what not and password also make sure that no one else can make changes in your profile.

How to set administrator password?

• On the McAfee home page, open parental control drawer and then click on Parental Control.
• Click Set, next to the Administrator password.
• Type your password in the Enter Password field and again then in Re-enter password field.
• Type Password hint in “Enter password hint” field and click next.
• Finally click Ok to confirm your setting.

There are so many things that you can add in your kid’s profile in Parental Control feature, and to know more about it you can dial us at McAfee Phone Number any time. We will serve you with detailed knowledge about the software and its setting.


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