How to fix Hp Printer quality, speed and drivers issues?

Posted on: 23 November, 2017

Printers are the most essential and common device being used in offices, schools, homes for document printing and scanning, printers enable users to take print of documents, colorful pictures, beautiful photos, etc.

And when it comes to choosing a right printer that can fulfill user’s all printing needs HP comes on the top of the queue. HP printers are ranked among top printers brand that users put in their faith. However, like other devices, users can find issues in their HP printers such as print quality issues, corrupt drivers, paper jam issues, faulty ink &toner cartridge, spotty printer, power failure, cable failure, printer slow speed and many more. However, Hp printer users can easily troubleshoot these issues by contacting HP support team at toll-free HP Printer Support Number USA to get instant response & assistance.

In this article we will discuss some prominent Hp printer issues and how one can get rid of these issues:

Hp Paper Jam Issue: Paper jam issue is one of the most common issues that users encounter while printing the documents. The reason paper jam issue occurs is because of crumpled papers and roll issues. Once a paper is got jammed, the printer will not print any document. To rectify this error, users need to turn off their printer and pull the paper in the direction printing path.

Print Quality Issues : Poor print quality is also one of frequent issues in which users will get blur printout, smudged lines, spotty printout, etc. To rectify this issue, user needs to check ink/toner cartridge if it is empty. Now replace the used cartridge with a new one, if it is not empty then clean the printer with a clean and dry cloth. Also, if ink spills inside the printer, flakes will accumulate inside the device and cause printing issue.

Corrupt Drivers : If your printer is not working completely or its drives has gone fully faulty then remove them and install the latest compatible drivers.

Defective ink/toner cartridge : Users should make sure that the ink /toner are not faulty or defective. For this, users need to replace the cartridge after cleaning the printer.

Power Failure : Users must check whether printer cables are properly connected because if cables are not connected in a right way then the printer will not print or won’t work.

Changes made to the printer: If the user has recently made changes to their printer’s settings then it is required to restore the printer to the default settings.

If Hp users follow above-mentioned tips, they will never encounter such issues. In case if you are facing any sorts of issues or have queries with HP printer, feel free to contact HP support team at HP Printer Customer Care Number USA.


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