How to Protect your Home Network Using Kaspersky?

28 November, 2018

Kaspersky Lab products are designed to provide protection to both home users as well as businesses. It is considered one of the best security suites when it comes to online security. Today, we are going to focus on home networks. Like you keep your businesses network secure, similarly, you need to keep the home network secure.

Most of us have a Wi-Fi connection at home, and we do use the internet connection on at least one of our device. Sometimes, we do share Wi-Fi password with our family and friends who come over. But the main question is, is your home network secure? Hackers are always looking for an opportunity to attack your network so that they can breach your security and get access to your device. No, we are not trying to scare you. Instead, we are here to help you. We are going to give you some tips that are provided to us by Kaspersky Technical Support Agents which can help you protect your home network.

1. Secure Your Device: Whether you are using internet on the computer, mobile phones or tablet, they are all prone to cyber infections that can enter your system from the internet or from free apps in your device. The best way to keep your system secure is to install good antivirus software. We suggest you to install Kaspersky Security Cloud products that can provide comprehensive protection and can be used on multiple devices including computers, Mac, Android, iOS and so on.

2. Protect Your Wi-Fi: The home network provider set up a combination of router name and password as per his desire and it is necessary for you to change the name of the router and its password afterward to keep it safe. Google search your router name and from their set up a new name and password for it. Also, update your router’s firmware from there. Even you can also set up a guest network for friends and family. If you need further assistance over the same then connect with us through our Kaspersky toll free helpline.

3. Blindfold Your Webcam: There are certain sites that ask for access to your camera and webcam. Do you actually know why they are asking you for this? Most of the time we are not sure of the reason. There is a possibility that someone, somewhere in the world is watching you through your webcam and camera. The best way to restrict it is to put a tape on camera when you are not using it. You can also access Kaspersky webcam security to restrict your camera access.

4. Keep Yourself Safe from USB threats: If you ever found a lost USB don’t you even think of plugging it into your computer as it might bring you to a doom. Maybe such USB will bring malware and a hidden crypto-currency miner to your device.

If you need further tips or assistance to save your home or business network from any sort of infection then feel free to connect with us on our Kaspersky customer care. We are always there to help you.


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