How to rectify Scanner Failure in HP Printer?

04 April, 2018

We can say undoubtedly that HP Printer has raised the innovative world full of technologies with its pragmatic functionality. Giving out high resolution printouts that are realistically professional looking, it’s the most reliable printing machine that is unmatched to all other present. Rolling the best features, at times it causes most inconvenience to its users. As we see, HP manufacturers have introduced a big comfort with All-in-one Printer assembling printing, scanning as well as copying within the same unit. More the liability more will be the faults, as we can say when HP Printers are concerned. You might confront various issues in your device; correct them by contacting the talented team at HP Printer Contact Support in the USA.

It can be possible that you are facing technical issues in the scanning section of your device. Whenever you start to scan, copy, or fax, you might be prompted by an error message that says Scanner Failure or Unable to Scan, copy or send fax on your control panel. You might also notice that the scanner mechanism bulb don’t turn on when you try to scan, copy, or fax. The reason behind it can be the low temperature of the scanner bulb. This is also possible that there is some internal or external electrical issue that is causing this issue to occur.

If you want to rectify the technical issue, what you need to do is to Reset the printer and then turn it on. After that, disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet but plug it again after a short period of time. Try to print a test color printout. If the problem still there, you need to check the power connection. On finding the connection, not usual, turn the printer off and then unplug the printer power cord from any surge protector, extension cord, or power strip, and then connect it directly to the wall outlet. Now, try to print a test page.

If your issue is still not resolved, you must try to connect the printer power cord to a different wall outlet and then test print a color copy. If the result comes in negative than the last option left is to talk to the technical professional who is well trained and experienced. Just tell them the issue in detail and they assure you with best support in the market. Dial to HP Printer Customer Care in the USA and be stress free about the frequent errors coming your way.


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