How to Setup an Auto-Update Feature in AVG Free Antivirus?

08 February, 2019

AVG Free Antivirus is amazing for home users. It is loaded with amazing features and functionality such as real-time protection, security updates, scans malware and virus, blocks malicious download and much more. It even scans your system for performance issues. But one has to take care of a few things while using this program. Mainly, you need to make sure that your security program always remains updated and downloads the latest virus definition. An updated program can protect you against unknown and latest virus and malware threats. Luckily, as I mentioned above, AVG Free program come with auto-update option. You can keep this option activated so that you do not miss any update. This feature will ensure that your program gets regular updates and downloads virus definition. You can either ask experts on AVG Helpline Number USA to set up this feature or you can follow the given guidelines for the same.

• Launch your AVG antivirus program and click on the Options button.
• Then select the “Advanced Settings” which will open a new window.
• After this, click “+” to schedules which will display the Schedule Settings.
• Then under “schedules” press “Definition Update Schedule”. This will display the Schedule window for this setting.
• Tick the “Enable this task” check box and decide the time when you want to run the automatic update.
• In the “Run at a specific time interval’ section, click the Time Box up or down to select the time when you want to run the update regularly.
• Click Apply
• Click “Yes” on the User Account Control window.
• Now you need to repeat the steps with “Program Update Schedule”.

Once you have done this, your AVG Free Antivirus will automatically get updated. But still, it is my suggestion that you should always check for updates and if your antivirus misses any then contact us at AVG Contact Number USA we will look into the matter and see why auto-update is missing the updates. Also, we will guide you how you on can update your antivirus program manually. Stay safe and updated!


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