HP Printer is Displaying Error Code 49

11 March, 2019

HP Printer error code 49 indicates a communication error between the printer and the computer. However, there can be other possible causes of this issue. Printer executives who are available at HP Printer Support Number can explain all the causes and issues associated with this error in a clear manner, but we have tried our best to explain you other probable causes of this error through this blog. Along with that, we will also suggest you methods through which you can get rid of it.

Here are some of the causes behind the error:

• The printer is trying to perform an action that the firmware is not allowed to do.
• The file you are printing is corrupt or damaged.
• Timing or network traffic issue.
• The error is may be a result of the invalid print command.
• Corrupt registry issue.
• Poor quality of parallel cables that connect your printer with the computer.

It is hard to determine exactly what caused the issue. But to fix the error 49 you need to rule out all the above-mentioned causes. The best way to fix the issue is to calibrate your printer by following the given steps:

• Clear all the print jobs from the memory. This can be done using Cancel Job Command.
• Restart your computer. If the error is temporary then this step will resolve the issue.
• Now try printing another job, but make sure you do it from any other program. For example, if you were earlier printing a Word file then this time try printing an image or PDF.
• If this time you are able to print then try printing from the previous application. If the error persists on that particular program then contact the software vendor.
• But if the error persists on the different application as well then take off all the cables that connect your computer and printer or the network. After this, turn off your printer.
• If this doesn’t work, then open your printer and remove the entire set of memory (DIMMS), but do not remove the firmware DIMM which is inserted in slot J1. If you need assistance in this, then dial HP Printer Help Number.
• Remove all the EIO devices from the computer and then turn on the printer.
• If this resolves the issue then, insert each DIMMS and EIO one by one and turn on your printer after inserting each one to find out which one is causing the issue.
• When you get the problematic device, replace it with a new one.
• Reconnect all the cables to connect your printer with the computer or network.
• If you again encounter the error 49, then replace the whole DIMM firmware.
• Finally, replace the formatter of the printer and then calibrate the printer again.

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