I Can’t Open My PDF, What to Do?

Posted on: 06 December, 2017

Acrobat or Adobe Reader is basically used to display or read PDF documents but there are various factors that prevent your PDF from opening using Adobe Reader. These factors include damaged PDF, damaged installation or update of Adobe Reader, outdated Reader, unrecognizable file or your PDF is created using non-adobe program. To analyze the exact cause and accurate solution please consult out techies at Adobe Phone Number in USA. As there are different reasons the issue, in the similar way there are many solutions to fix the problem.

Update Reader

• Open Acrobat or Reader and select Help, and then go to Check for Updates.
• If you see the Update dialog box, then click Yes.
• This will automatically install the update, once you are done, please restart your computer.

Repair the Software (Windows)

Repair using Control Panel:

• Close Reader or Acrobat and open the Control Panel.
• Then click on Programs and Features/Add or Remove Programs.
• Find Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat from the list and click Change.
• Follow the instructions to repair the application and once you are done, click Finish.

Repair from within the software:

Choose Help and click on Repair Installation.

Try Opening the PDF in your Browser

Use this method if you are having an issue with specific PDF, remember that this won’t work with other PDFs.

• Right click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) the link to the PDF file.
• Then choose the appropriate save or download option for your browser.
• See to it that Adobe Acrobat document is selected for the file type and then save the file.
• Double click the saved file to open it.
• If the browser opened a download window, double-click the PDF in the downloads lists.

Other Problem That You May Encounter Opening PDF

Password Protected PDF

If the creator has added any password to PDF document, then you will need to enter the password to open the document other you cannot access it.

Suspicious PDF

Reader block those PDF which do not conform identity specific PDF standard, such PDF can pose a security risk to your system. You have to be double sure if you want to open it.

Damaged File

Sometimes you are not able to open a PDF as it is damaged or contains corrupted data. If such PDF is downloaded from web you can re-download it or if it s send b someone, please as the sender to send the file again.

If these are not the reason for your issue, then it would be better that you connect with our experts at Adobe Support Number in USA to find any other alternative solution.


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