Measures You Need to Take When Your HP Computer Has No Sound

12 April, 2018

A computer owner can do multiple tasks from a single device, no matter where he is present. Not only the profession related tasks, you can also enjoy gaming, listen to music as well as watch movies having this platform at your place. However, you have to make sure that your device is working smoothly and without complications. But some glitches are so stubborn that they don’t leave your mind as well as systems until a corrective measure is not taken. Whenever you come across any difficult situation, you can ask for its solution from the well trained tech supporters at HP Computer toll free helpline number in the USA.

Sound is one such important aspect in a computer when you want to listen to music or watch videos online. There is a possibility that there is no sound coming from the computer or the audio is not working at all. This situation that can be handled by troubleshooting and following simple steps that is as follows:

• Restarting Your Computer Can Help a Lot: When there is no sound coming from the audio device being connected to your system, restart your computer, and then test the audio, maybe it is corrected. If not, move to the steps ahead.

• Troubleshooting Tool is the best one: Windows has set with an audio troubleshooting tool that will automatically resolve common audio recording and audio playback problems within your system. Run the troubleshooting tool and find it effective for your issue.

• Set Speakers for Default: Go to the Sound window, and in the Playback tab choose your playback device, then click Set Default. And then, click to configure and tap your speaker set up in Audio Channels. If sound is still missing, you need to follow the next step mentioned.

• Ensure that the Speakers are connected perfectly: Connections are the most important criterion that needs to be checked if any such difficulty comes across. Not a single connection should be misplaced. If the HP Computer No Sound Issue is still not rectified, follow the steps ahead.

• Update the Audio Driver: You must restore the original audio driver using HP Recovery Manager, or update the driver in Device Manager that will help you fixing the confronted error within a fraction of time.

• Resetting your Computer is a big step: Last but not the least, resetting your device is a major step against this no sound issue. Go for restoring all the system files back to a time when the sound was working properly that will most probably get your issue fixed.


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