Use Avira Password Manager to Keep Your Passwords Secure

04 December, 2018

Whenever you visit a new website they ask you to create a login account or either login with your existing Gmail or Facebook credentials. If you choose to create new login details every time then it will become hard for you to remember all the passwords and if you go for logging in through Gmail or Facebook then also you need to make sure that your login details are safe. Other than this, we also use net banking and for that, you definitely fill your financial details which need to be secure. All this becomes possible with the help of Avira Password Manager. If you are wondering how it works, then go through this blog or connect with our specialized agents on Avira Helpline Number USA.

Avira Password manager remembers all your passwords while keeping them all secure in a digital vault. All your passwords get synchronized with all your devices; you just need to remember the master password that you have set for the Password manager. This will ensure that no one except you can have access to your passwords, not even Avira.

You can either go for its free version or the premium one that is your choice. The Premium version comes with some extra security features. It lets you know if your account or password is compromised and if so then you can take immediate action to protect it. It even lets you know about the websites which are unsafe to be registered. Thus, it protects you from identity theft or fraud. You can get the following benefits from Avira Password Manager:

• You can secure all your passwords at one place and can even personal notes added to passwords and stand-alone notes.
• You can keep all your data secure using the master password.
• The password generator let you know about the password strength.
• This will let you easily navigate between the accounts.
• It auto-fills all your login credentials.
• Advanced 256-bit encryption is used throughout Avira Password Manager.
• The changes in passwords or notes automatically get synced with all devices.
• The software is compatible with most operating systems including Windows, macOS, Apple’s iOS, and Android.
• The cloud solution makes its available to the user at all the time irrespective of their place.
• You can import passwords from other applications or browsers. You can also export passwords to a CSV file.

If you want to learn more about this software then connect with us at Avira Technical Support Number USA. We will help you install this software and along with that, we will also guide you about its usage and functionality.


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