Use Dell Download Manage to Install Device Drivers

Posted on: 24 November, 2017

The initial difficulty that any printer user has to go through is driver installation. Setting up a printer software in the computer is not that complicated, it is just that you need to understand the proper process for it. A dell printer user have two different options to install the printer, either they can call at Dell Printer Support Number USA and take assistance from printer masters for this or they can complete this task on their own by following the steps given below:

The first thing you need to do is find the compatible driver for your device:

• First browse to the Dell Product selection page.
• Either enter the service tag and click Submit or select your device from the list under General support.
• Finally, go to Drivers & Downloads page and click ”Analyze system for Updates” and follow he on screen prompts.

Once you are done with finding the proper driver for your system, follow these steps to complete the download process:

• Click Download File.
• As you are downloading using Download manager, select it and click Continue.
• You will see Dell Download Manager End-User License Agreement, click Agree to continue.
• Save your file on your preferred location. Desktop is recommended.
• Wait for your file to complete the download process.

Now the last thing you need to do before you start using your printer is to install your printer driver:

• Run the downloaded file and on the coming window, click Install.
• Then on the Open File dialog box, click Open.
• If your antivirus asks you for permission, click Yes.
• Confirm your driver name and click Continue, then select the folder where you want to unzip the file and click Ok.
• If you see a message to create a folder, click Yes or if you see message of overwriting the folder, click Yes to all.
• After the files get unzipped, click Ok.
• Double click the Setup application to install the driver.
• Again if your antivirus asks you to make changes to your computer click Yes and then follow the prompts in the Device Driver installation wizard.

Once you have completed the installation process, don’t forget to reboot your system as that confirms the changes made in the system. And don’t forget that we are always present at Dell Printer Customer Care Number USA to help you if you get stuck anywhere in the process.


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