What Makes Your Phone Get Hot? How You Can Fix This Issue?

07 January, 2019

No matter which phone brand you are using, whether it is an Android phone or iPhone, phone heating problem is common with mobile users. An electronic device does get heated as it works because of the movement of electricity but if the device is getting too hot that it’s difficult to even hold it then it can be an issue of concern. The main culprits behind this rise of temperature are phone battery, processor or screen as they generate heat.

It hard to say from where the heat is coming you can just guess it by observing from where the heat is coming. If the heat is coming from the back of the phone then the reason could be your phone battery, if it’s from the bottom, then maybe the problem is related to the charger. If the heat is getting emitted from above the battery, by the speaker or from the screen then it is hard to find out its reason. There can be a number of reasons behind this issue and some of them are mentioned below:

• High-intensity gaming apps use a lot of mobile processors and if you keep playing mobile games for long hours then you may notice the phone overheating issue.
• Watching YouTube, Netflix or Amazon prime for a long time can also be the reason behind it.
• Your phone settings like using 3D wallpapers, using the phone on full brightness and such can put a load on your phone’s CPU.
• Leaving your phone in hot temperature or outside in sun can make it hot.
• If an app has any bug or problems than it can make your phone overheat.

An overheating phone is also a sign of the presence of malware in your phone as malware consumes a lot of mobile’s RAM and CPU Power. Apart from this, there are a number of fake mobile apps that can infect your Smartphone. You can deal with such issues by installing a trusted mobile antivirus app such as AVG antivirus. AVG Antivirus for Android is a perfect way of protecting your Android phone from malware infection. If the same scenario is with your iPhone then consult with AVG technicians on AVG Helpline Number USA, they can help you in a better manner. There are many ways through which you can prevent this overheating problem. If your phone is already overheated then you can learn from experts how you can cool it down.


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