What to Do When My Toshiba Laptop/Computer Makes Noise?

Posted on: 04 December, 2017

A laptop has a cooling fan that prevents it from overheating, and it is the fan that causes noise when you power on your Toshiba laptop. There can be two different factors that cause the noise, one a dusty fan and the second is the speed of the fan. You can take the help of experts who are available at Toshiba Computer Contact Number +1-866-254-0062. Although, in this section we will provide you complete steps for performing these tasks.

Clean Laptop Fan:

• Unplug and turn off your laptop and then remove the battery.
• Turn the laptop upside down, so that you can see the fan vents but make sure that you do not touch a metal surface while releasing any static charge.
• Unscrew the screws to remove the panel and keep them on a safe place.
• Take a can of compressed and blow the inside dust.
• Once you are done with the cleaning, screw back the panel.

If cleaning doesn’t help to stop the noise of the fan then you can try to slow down the speed of it by following the given steps:

• Open BIOS (Basic input/ Output system) menu, while holding “F1”, “F2” or “Esc” key.
• From the BIOS menu, select the highlighted option by pressing the Enter button.
• Then go to the Fan setting section, which is located under “Advanced”, “H/W monitor” or “CPU”.

Note: Use “ESC” key to enter previous menu if you entered the wrong option.

• Now look for “fan high temperature”, “Fan low temperature”, “Fan high voltage” and “Fan low voltage” in fan setting options and then start making small adjustments. Observe the changes in the laptop.
• Increase “Fan low temperature” to make fan run less often and “Fan High temperature” to make fan run nosier at its maximum speed.
• Then finally decrease “Fan high voltage” and “Fan low voltage” to make fan run more slowly and quietly.
• Click “Save settings and Exit” and then choose “Exit”.
• Restart your laptop.

This will definitely make the laptop calm. If it doesn’t then there must be some other issue with your laptop. To find out the issue and its resolution please contact us at Toshiba Computer Help, Phone, Helpline, Support and Contact Number +1-866-254-0062.


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