Why after installing Antivirus computer system requests for restarting it?

Posted on: 16 December, 2017

The procedure of installing any form of security tool is to make life simple and convenient for the user. In present time period there are many different sources through which hacker and scrupulous people canpenetrate your protective system and run away with essential data. This form of activity is not acceptable by the concerned person because lot of hard work and concentration by the user is being used.

Having said this, it is very imperative for the user to make sure either top-rated form of security feature is installed or proper guidelines narrated by expert is followed. If one feels that all these series of activities do not turn up beneficial, then one is wrong. If one is communicating with professionals through Panda Helpline Number then only precise form of knowledge is extolled to concerned user. This is where from where concerned users receive information from professionals related to technical issue like – system is displaying message of troubleshooting element post installing antivirus.

Let’s first of all analyze the problem and conduct proper form of corrective steps to remove such flaws from the system: -

In case the user is facing technical hiccups in Windows, then just follow the steps mentioned below:

Step - 1

1. The user need to first of all press the Windows Key +X and then select Control Panel.
2. Now just change the View by Option key which is located on top right to Large Icons.
3. then just Click on troubleshooting and finally Click on View on all option. It is located on the left panel.
4. in the last and final step, user needs to run the Windows Update troubleshooter.

Step – 2

The user is informed or educated by the professionals through Panda Contact Number once the concerned user raises question about troubleshooting element rising in computer post installing Panda Antivirus. All concerned user is being requested to at once disable antivirus and complete range of security related products. One needs to make sure that free or trial versions of security tools is needed to be uninstalled as many relevant form of features is not present. This during later stages becomes the reason why task is not being carried out in right order.


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